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"IF" on their BANDS can be found in our band listings.


on their bands:


If the band has the letters AU. you can find their band list at


If the band has the letters CU. you can find their band list at


If the band has the letters NPA. you can contact them at


If the band has the letters IPB.

You can contact them at

or their store at 877-355-7727




If the band has the letters ADA, please contact the American Dove Association at



Parrot Alert


Lost & Found Pigeons

PLEASE READ this ENTIRE page and CHECK OUT THE LINKS BELOW before contacting Bob!


We ONLY have records for letters "IF" on bands.








Please do NOT contact Susan, the IF Secretary.


If the band starts with letters "AU" please call:

American Racing Pigeon Union at (405) 848-5801

or visit their website link:


The International Federation would like to express sincere thanks to those who assist us in reuniting pigeons with their rightful owners.  Before you contact our coordinators, all the information you need to find out where a lost pigeon is from is on our site. It is the same information that our coordinators will give you.  You are welcome and encouraged to review the IF Band Listings to the left.  Our birds have IF in their band numbers.

Please... only contact our coordinators if you have the bird physically in your hands and not just flying around the property.  We know of no one who will come to your house and trap the bird.

Understanding How To Read A Bird’s Band will enable you to contact the correct racing club secretary, who will put you in contact with the owner of the lost bird that has found you.

There is also a link to the left with instructions for Care of Found Pigeon(s).  Please look these over and they will help you keep your new found friend well until he/she is reunited with their owner.

After twenty-four to forty-eight hours rest, with food and water, most homing pigeons are more than capable of finding their way home on their own. Simply release the bird in an area free of wires or other obstacles and it will usually head home immediately.  NEVER try to attach a note to the owner by rubber banding it to he bird's leg.  This merely cuts off the leg's blood circulation and often leads to gangrene and amputation of the limb. If you do want to attach a small note, tie it carefully to the middle two tail feathers.

If you are out with your metal detector and find a band, you may be able to track where the band is from on this website too.  There are no access to any other band listings than the IF Band List on this website (our bird have IF in their band numbers).  There are other national pigeon organizations you can try if the owner is not found on our band list.


Thank you for your help!

Lost Bird Coordinator

Bob Carney

2042 John Fitch Blvd.

S. Windsor, CT  06074

Phone: (860) 967-6789***

***Call 8 AM - 8 PM EST ONLY***



All birds with IF band letters

E, R and Scholar on them, please contact

Bob Carney.

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