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 The IF does NOT recognize "duplicate or counterfeit" bands for ANY I.F. sanctioned event!

Click the link below if you find a lost pigeon.

Attention ALL IF Members:

You will receive new IF Membership Cards with your new IF ID number.  Individual members (pay dues directly to IF) will start with 000.  Please email me at if you do not receive a ID Card.


All IF Chapter Clubs now have a 3 digit ID.  The new ID numbers are 6 digits & start with your 3 digit club #. 


2022 Secretary Packets have been mailed with new member ID cards.  ALL CLUB & Individual Dues is NOW DUE!  Please send your dues in promptly.


2023 Band Orders not due until April 1st.

We have Regular 2022 Stock Bands Available.


Go to IF Store tab for ordering information.






Please provide an email address to receive

your band order confirmation & tracking #.

Membership Dues
is Now Due!

Mail to:

Susan Hurrell

IF Secretary

P.O. Box C

Clark Mills, NY 13321

We have newly printed IF Diplomas available!  Please click on the

IF Store tab

for more details.


IF Race Program


We are very excited to announce that IF has partnered with SpeedFancier to provide a race program to all IF Member clubs.


We will be allowing a limited number of clubs to test the program before it is generally available to all members.  If you or your club is interested, please contact:


For the most up-to-date information, you can visit our dedicated update and status page

The page will be updated as the project moves along and additional functionality

is added.


Any club that has lost access to WinSpeed1

and are without a race program to use can request immediate access to the new program and request

free training from the developer.



1 The original WinSpeed© was a PC software program offered by the American Racing Pigeon Union, Inc.

It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of our 1st Vice President Sam Pixley.


Sam passed away on November 2, 2021. He had been a valued and very active member serving as the I.F.

Help-A-Beginner & Youth Membership Chairs for many years.

Sam will be greatly missed.

In response to the Covid-19 outbreak, the Board of the I.F. is encouraging all clubs to adhere to your  state’s guidelines for social distancing and crowd size.  As pigeon fanciers we are aware of how quickly a virus can spread through a flock and the damage it can do. We are not the youngest group of sportsmen and many of use suffer from respiratory issues.


Under the I.F. policy of Home Rule, we cannot mandate that you do not gather and ship races. We do encourage you to follow your state’s guidelines and be safe.

We are large enough to serve you
and small enough to know you.

Please take the time to look through the IF Website.

Familiarize yourself with the IF and the many  benefits we offer to our membership.


This site will also be making updates and changes on an ongoing basis, so please visit often to see the changes.

We hope you enjoy the IF Website.


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