SpeedFancier is the NEW IF Race Program!

We are very excited to announce that IF has partnered with SpeedFancier to provide a race program to all IF Member clubs. 

The program is available to all club secretaries and members for FREE. If you or your club is interested, please email: support@speedfancier.net

For the most up-to-date information, you can visit our dedicated update and status page https://speedfancier.com/if  The page is updated as the project moves along and additional functionality is added. Any club that has lost access to WinSpeed(1) and are without a race program to use can request immediate access to the new program and request free training from the developer.

(1) The original WinSpeed© was a PC software program offered by the American Racing Pigeon Union, Inc.

If you have any questions regarding the IF SpeedFancier program please contact IF Database Admin Sami Eljamali - email: samieljamali@yahoo.com   Phone: (347) 834-7795

Below are Two Excellent SpeedFancier Tutorials:

SpeedFancier Combine Club Setup and Overview 
 (about 24 minutes) 
SpeedFancier Combine Race Secretary Overview 
 (about 22 minutes) 

These are some of the IF Clubs using Speed Fancier.
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