Founded / Incorporated -1881

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Membership Requirements


A) Any pigeon fancier of good repute is eligible for membership in the IF.

B) Any person who is not a member of a local affiliate may be an individual member. An application

      for individual membership must be accompanied by the written recommendation of two active

      members of the IF. Individual members can compete for any IF award.

C) Any person who is 17 years of age or younger may join the IF as a Junior Member.

D) Affiliated membership may be obtained by being a member of any of the IF's local affiliates.


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It's Easy As This...

All you need is five or more fanciers to make application for an IF charter. All applications must be accompanied by $20.00 for each member to cover dues for one year and be sent to the Secretary-Treasurer on a form furnished by the IF. A charter will be granted if the application receives the endorsement of the President and the Secretary-Treasurer.


Susan Hurrell - Secretary

P.O. Box C

Clark Mills, NY 13321

Phone: (315) 765-8136    Fax: (914) 239-4593

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