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In response to the Covid19 outbreak, the Board of the I.F. is encouraging all clubs to adhere to your  state’s guidelines for social distancing and crowd size.  As pigeon fanciers we are aware of how quickly a virus can spread through a flock and the damage it can do. We are not the youngest group of sportsmen and many of use suffer from respiratory issues.


Under the I.F. policy of Home Rule, we cannot mandate that you do not gather and ship races. We do encourage you to follow your state’s guidelines and be safe.


* * * UPDATE April 2, 2020 -- From the IF Convention, Islip Club* * *




Regrettably, the Islip HPC of Long Island must postpone the 2020 IF Convention until 2021.  With Long Island being one of the hot spots for the deadly COVID-19 virus and without any relief in sight, we have to postpone the convention and convention race for the safety of all the handlers and their families.  Long Island is also, like so many places, under a stay-at-home order.


As of April 1st two major airlines will not transport live animals, which also may become a major problem with bird shipment from breeders.  We don't know if that will affect pigeons being shipped thru the post office at some point. At the present time local hotels are closed with no idea of when they will be opening. According to most doctors and scientists dealing with the COVID-19 virus there is a good chance of it coming back in the fall, which will also present a problem.


This decision was not an easy one to make as we were looking forward to holding the convention, but hopefully we can all get through this safely and have a great convention and race next year.  Everyone’s health and well-being are more important then flying pigeons.


The Chairmen will contact the breeders who have already sent birds, and all entry fees will be returned.  An option to all the breeders that have birds already sent in can enter them in the Islip club sponsored NSBR $50 band race if they wish.  This race has been a fantastic band race for well over 20 years.  The race is open to out-of-area birds as well as local birds.  It is a 250-mile young bird race and the birds will also fly a 300-mile yearling race in old birds.  If anyone has not sent birds to the convention yet, but were planning to do so, can send birds directly to the handlers to compete in the NSBR race.


All payments should be made payable to the ISLIP HPC. For more information about this race can be found at the website or you can call Doug Franz at (516) 522-0748 or Rich Neske at (631) 291-1913.


We hope everyone understands the decision we have made and will come back to be part of the 2021 IF Convention and Convention Race with us next year.


We truly appreciate your support and look forward to seeing everyone next year.  STAY SAFE!  



Thank you,

The Convention Committee


Truck Fundraiser

Overton Racing Pigeon Club


This is a new club in Livingston Tennessee, with 9 brand new (to the sport) members,

1 Junior & 1 old dog.  The club was formed this year July ’19 and we have a long way to go.

Trying to rejuvenate the “Sport of Pigeon Racing” in this area we’ve reached out to the

Boy Scouts & 4-“H” clubs.  With this under taking and as not to discourage new young flyers

with all the cost of starting a new club Frank McLaughlin has agreed to post our truck fundraiser on:


If you are able to donate to this fundraiser it would be gratefully appreciated.

For more information on donating birds feel free to contact me as I will do all of the work

with the posting and the shipping fees will be sent directly to you.


Yours for the Sport,

Ken Valestin

(931) 267-4333   •


Introducing the New PMV Vaccine!

KM-PMV: Pigeon Paramyxovirus (PMV) Vaccine


Pigeon Paramyxovirus is endemic in the feral pigeon population, and hence can be dragged in by any flying birds that might mix with ferals (think young bird races).  It can also be carried and intermittently shed by apparently healthy adult pigeons, especially in stressful situations such as races, shows, moult…  Because PMV is so devastating and ubiquitous, it is extremely important to protect(=vaccinate) your birds against this disease.


The New KM-PMV Vaccine is:

• Proven effective against Pigeon Paramyxo disease

• Gene sequenced to verify identity as PMV

• Extensively tested in both Lab and Field for both effectiveness and also for safety

• Developed from the actual field virus isolated from a pigeon that was sick and died from PMV disease

• Developed by successful pigeon fanciers/veterinarians, Drs. John Kazmierczak and Paul Miller; manufactured by ARKO, a successful, USDA licensed vaccine Lab.

• Technical support available from Dr. Kazmierczak at (609)-771-0995 (West Trenton Animal Hospital)

• Same smooth, gentle adjuvant as KM-1 vaccine: eliminates: vaccine reaction, down time, losses

• USDA licensed: legal to sell, possess, ship and use

• For use in all types of pigeons:

• racing, showing, meat, pet, flying, research,…


Initial shipments of this vaccine will begin on Monday (2-26) to the following Vendors; contact one of the Vendors listed below:


Foys Pigeon – 1-877-355-7727– 1-800-659-5928

Siegel – 1-800-437-4436

Vita King – 1-877-848-5464

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