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2021 - 140th I.F. Convention


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The ISLIP Homing Pigeon Club


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Doug Franz – 516-527-0748

Erik Hall – 631-774-8238

Rich Neske – 631-291-1913



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2021 IF CONVENTION AUCTION - Nov. 6, 2021


Sponsored by ISLIP H.P.C., Long Island, NY



Birds on Display at 1PM.  AUCTION at 2PM


Auction will consist of birds from FOUR TOP LOFTS in the United States who’s birds are winning

throughout the country in top competition and one-loft races.


DON HART – Spring Hill, Florida

Upon his retirement from Connecticut, Don moved to the hot-bed of racing in Florida and

concentrated on short and middle-distance racing.  He has been one of the very best winning consistently week after week, year after year.  Don has now committed to a small team of birds for this auction from his very best.



Home of some of the best Kannibal Pigeons in the country.  Sal has an outstanding loft of pigeons that are winning across the country, and in Mexico, where his famous pigeon “Shamless” was the best young bird racer winning First Ace Pigeon vs. 26,600 pigeons.


BOBBY GONZALEZ – Tampa, Florida

Magic Loft – Bobby has set the standards very high wherever his birds are flown.  His family of birds are 100% the very best of Campell Strange (Oak Haven Farms) after many years of dominating the Tampa Bay Combine, Bobby now sends them out to the toughest of competition.  Always having “Magic” birds at the top of the sheets in the tough little Belgium area of Florida.  Also, top birds in the “Hoosier One Loft” last year breeding the #1 and #2 Champion Birds in the Boston Concourse, etc., etc.



The home of the best Mark Evans VANDENABEELES that are winning all across the country.

Dave has not spared any money buying the best from Mark Evans.


For More Information Contact:

ERIK HALL at 631-774-8238     Email:  or


2021 IF 140th Convention




Thursday November 4, 2021


5:00 PM - Breeder/Handler Interface followed by shipping of race birds at the Islip HPC / Calcutta



Friday November 5, 2021


9:30 AM - Ladies depart for activities


9:30 AM - Men - Loft Visitation


12 Noon - Depart for Race Lofts


7:00 PM - Take off of Race Clocks



Saturday November 6, 2021


9:30 AM - Ladies depart for activities


9:30 AM - Men - Seminar held at Islip HPC


12:00 Noon - Lunch at Islip HPC


1:00 PM - View Auction Birds from 4 Top US Lofts


2:00 PM - Auction Live and on-line with I-Pigeon


7:00 PM - Banquet at the hotel



Sunday November 7, 2021


See you next year!


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